Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"Get your damned cat out of there!" - RG
Actually The Princess took care of it herself. You can see her sitting just outside the little "bunny door". She first poked her nose in, and then came in, nipped Kitty Boy on the butt and he elevated quickly and completely over and out of her pen!!!

Here is a summary of our reported Personality Types! (I used for reference, but there are others)

INTJ Scientist 2 reports
INTX Scientist/Thinker 1 report
XNFP Inspirer/Idealist 1 report
INFP Idealist 1 report
INFX Idealist/Protector 1 report
ISFP Artist 1 report
ESFJ Caregiver 1 report
INFJ Protector 3 reports (!)
ENFJ Giver 1 report

There are a lot of Is and Ns and Fs in there. ("I" is Think then act, "N" is future over now, "F" is feelings over facts) I think that bodes well for the fuzzy ones!
Thanks for participating.


bunnits said...

Ha ha. KB is having to learn some lessons. His curiosity probably got the best of him, but now he knows: Not everyspace is kittyspace, but everyspace is bunspace. Must learn which is which.

LOS said...

Anniversary Dinner went off without a hitch. BL was allowed to speak; RG was allowed to remain upright; son showed up bearing huge bouquet of flowers ... which are posted on BL's F/B page.

No bling for BL ... but something better in the works. Stay tuned.

Princess kicked butt with KB. Go Princess! Be up front about who's in charge and what the boundaries are.

Did anyone read "Gram's Pearls of Wisdom" on BL's Columns besides Hef's Mom? Gee, I guess we could take a poll on this next ...

Jade said...

Yay for anniversary dinners that go off without a hitch!

Yay for Princess--you show that silly cat who's in charge, lady!

Cannot wait to see what's better than anniversary bling. :)

LOS said...

RG, I'm sure BL is the only one who has difficulty with your summarization of this personality type exercise. So many people did it. And yet your conclusion is what?!

I mean it isn't rocket science to know that Mother Teresa would be better with rabbits than Hannible Lector. But surely there were more intriguing nuances to be found as fans revealed parts of themselves to us.

I'm just sayin'

The Fab Furs said...

KB is still exploring his environment. Princess is channeling the behavior of a tortoiseshell cat. Now that KB knows what to expect from her, he will give her a wide berth.

Congratulations on a successful Anniversary Dinner!

I for one am glad RG did not explore intriguing nuances revealed in the survey: as interesting as it might have been, my eyes would have died from that font size.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I think it's so funny the way rabbits assert themselves with cats. My cat Pixel was terrified of my first rabbit and of Cadbury. I've never had a rabbit that was afraid of a cat.

Friend of the Animals said...

Meadow chases the cats out of the living room! Yikes.

DKM said...