Tuesday, September 28, 2010


... our "people" - as if we missed them?" - Benji
"Oh Benji, you softy! Of course you missed us and we missed you all too! But, BL had a good time being motherly in Wenatchee and I had a good time being Grandfatherly and Fatherly in the Seattle area. (Watched some 10th grade boys play recreational soccer - those boys don't take prisoners!)"

As for this pea-brain - he goes in and out that little door The Princess has for deck access during the day. That one day I came in the house around noon and saw feathers all over the floor and a few small bird remnants. I think one hit our big front windows and died on the deck and he brought it in. EEeeeewwww.... (Shop Vacs work well here.)"What? Cute me cause trouble??? Come ON!"


Deb Cushman said...

Yea! They're back! Bet all the Bunns are celebrating!

LOS said...

Yes! Bunny people are back. BL had way more fun than RG, but what else is new? But will just hit the highlights.

Went to a psychic. Far out! She said my aura is red hot bright, but my energy is scattered ... so I'm going to cut back on some activities (like cleaning out KB's litter box and fixing Skagit County).

Best part was Sunday night. RG was sleeping on the floor in his daughter's house, so he could build her outside steps the next day. Nice RG.

BL, on the other hand, had a pedicure and manicure and then spent Sunday night in the Bridal Suite at the Enzian Lodge in Leavenworth by herself :) Big 4-poster bed, Jacuzzi, fireplace, couch, private balcony draped in magenta petunias.

BL bought ferry dust. RG obviously bought something else.

FOA took great care of buns for us.

Jade said...

Could have been worse; KB could have tried to lay that dead bird at your feet as a token of his affection.

I once worked for an elderly lady whose cat would catch mice and lay them on her doorstep, then yowl until she opened the door and praised him. As soon as she praised him, the cat would pick the mouse up and take it away, presumably to eat it. She said that if she didn't praise him every time he did this, he would bring the dead mouse into the house through the kitty door and try to lay it at her feet.

LOS said...

KB used to leave mice at the front door, as gifts, when he was an outside cat.

Eating birds on the dining room carpet is a little much for both RG and me. Gifts or no gifts.

We are, however, moth free inside the house now, which is nice.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Welcome back!

Alex said...

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The Fab Furs said...

Perhaps KB needs a diet change so he doesn't eat his trophies.

RG must have bought sawdust.

Bunns are glad to have the usual routine back--they need to focus on KB's training.

Anonymous said...

I've stayed at the Enzian Inn in Leavenworth also. I hope you got to see the older man play the alpenhorn at breakfast.

Seems like KB definitely feels one of the family if he is bringing home various food "offerings" to contribute to the family well being.

Hef's Mom said...

You've got an active imagination RG, I don't think KB did anything!

Lisa said...

I think you're being optimistic. KB probably slaughtered it and tried to bring you a gift.

Glenna said...

KB: "The bird was already dead when I found it." Yeah, sure. The bunnies know the truth, but they're not talking. I understand that there were no gifts for them when you got back.