Saturday, September 18, 2010


... is this my good side, or what???!!!" - Chico
This person is RG's eldest Grandchild and she is a sophomore in college this year - a total delight - and she visited this weekend.

This person is her brother who is a sophomore in High School, and he visited too. As you may have heard on BL's other I-net venues, this kid described the characters of CLUE as they relate to Dante's Divine Comedy. She was - ah - impressed and has a new opinion of teenagers and grandchildren, particularly those other than her own!
In CLUE I was Mr. Green and did not fare well - no - not at all - not in any way.


LOS said...

My sweet, precious Chico does NOT have a bad side, as we all know.

And yes, BL had a delightful time with these young people. (RG and I do not have what you would call a "blended" family, which is not altogether a bad thing ... allowing kids to choose us rather than being forced to be with us.)

The girl was delightful; the boy was amazing. But ... BL won the Clue game! Skill and cunning will triumph every time, regardless of age (except in RG's case. He never seems to "get" it).

We all did the Myers and Briggs Personality Test, and BL scored the same as Mother Teresa, which RG actually found a way to rationalize.

He also very sweetly and generously agreed that BL can convert the diamonds in her wedding set, which have lost their luster, into a gorgeous cocktail-ish ring that she will love wearing.

RG is a clutch player when the chips are down.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I agree with BL that Chico has no bad side. He's adorable, no matter which way you look at him.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Chico is adorable from any angle! But, does any bunny have a bad side, really though?

The Fab Furs said...

Chico almost looks posed for a school photo: goatee brushed out and mullet attractively arranged.

There must have been more to Mother Teresa than met the eye.

Bling for the 20th!

Lisa said...

Chico, every side is your good side!

What an exciting weekend for the two-foots! I would love to see that Divine Comedy trick, is he some kind of a genius?

Deb Cushman said...

Handsome Chico!
Brilliant Granddaughter!
Genius Grandson!
Clever BL!
Clueless RG!
What more could you want?