Friday, February 1, 2013


-  It'll be a miracle.  I'm asleep."  -  KB the Schedule-challenged.

"I'll say you are asleep.  Upstairs in MY Laz-Y-Boy."  -  RG the Resigned.


Unknown said...

That chair belongs to KB if KB is in the chair. KB owns whatever KB chooses to sit and sleep upon. KB rules. Even if he IS a (weird) cat in a Houseful of Rabbits...

Weekend KB, sound asleep, for the win!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

My paternal grandmother left Texas once in my childhood to visit us. During her visit she regularly removed my beloved cat Andrew from which ever chair he had chosen for the moment and placed him on the floor "where cats belong." Andrew's response to this was to use the bed my grandmother was sleeping in as his new litter box. She wasn't sleeping in it at the time, but I will never forget the look of sheer horror that came over my mother's face as she grabbed up my grandmother's desecrated bed linens and changed them before the dear old lady who did not believe cats should even be in houses became aware of what had happened. This encounter between the two most determined lifeforms in the cosmos is one of the gems of my childhood.

almtsbb said...

KB knows you will too busy with bun chores to sit down anyway.

almtsbb said... too busy..

Unknown said...

Oh too funny!
When we came home from Hawaii, where my husband was stationed, we stayed with my in-laws. Our dog, Tuco, was with us and my mother in law hated him. He was an inside dog, and she believed that all dogs (except her stupid chihuahua, Petey) belonged outside.
His response was to single her belongings out for chewing and humping, including her toothbrush and pillow.

And EXACTLY,, Almstbb, who gave RG permission to sit and relax in the first place?

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

It's the weekend. No schedule. Darn groundhog can't see his shadow anyway that early in the morning with people standing in the way snapping photos. He's really thinking, "It's that time of year again? Y'all are a bunch of idiots. Where's the coffee and donuts? Who's in charge of my makeup this year?"